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My Dog Seems Depressed After Getting a New Dog, What Can I Do?

My Dog Seems Depressed | Nature Pet Store

Getting a new dog is an exciting time! However, if you already have a dog or two, helping them adjust to a new family member can be a challenge. Dogs can show signs of depression, jealousy, and other unusual behaviours. If you’re introducing a new dog or puppy to your other four-legged family members, we’re here to help!  If you’re thinking ‘my dog seems depressed’, keep reading for a few tips to help ensure the health and happiness of your pup.

Do Dogs Get Depressed When You Get a New Dog?  

As a pet owner, bringing a new four-legged family member home can be exciting! However, for your existing pups, they may need help adjusting to a new dog. When introducing a new puppy or dog to your other dog(s), they can even exhibit signs of depression. You may be wondering, ‘can dogs be depressed?’ While depression in dogs is a less studied field than depression in humans, dogs can be depressed. If you’re thinking ‘my dog seems depressed’, evaluate whether or not your dog has been exhibiting these common signs of depression in dogs: 

  • Sleeping excessively 
  • No interest in going for walks 
  • Loss of interest in playing with balls or old toys 
  • Eating more or less than normal  
  • Excessively licking their paws 
  • Hiding/sleeping in places they normally don’t  

Why does My Dog Seem Depressed | Nature Pet Store 

Dog Depression Treatment 

 If your dog seems depressed, we recommend taking him to your local vet to ensure there are no abnormalities or illnesses present. If not, try the following to cheer up your pup:

naturpet home alone for separation anxiety

If your dog seems tense or stressed from meeting a new family member, try NaturPet’s Home Alone. It helps relax nervous tension and balances cerebral excitement. 

Your Pets Deserve the Best  

Introducing a new pet to the family can be a challenge, but with time and work it can produce a rewarding life long relationship. If you’re thinking ‘my dog seems depressed’, we encourage you to book an appointment with your local vet to ensure there aren’t bigger, more serious physiological or physical issues.  

Here at Nature Pet Store, we believe your pets deserve the best. From puppies to senior dogs, we have a range of all natural, effective products to help your pets live their best, happiest life.