• Description

    Product Description

    D-WORMER is a unique blend of herbs that creates an unfavourable environment for pin worms, tape worms, and other parasites while protecting the stomach and aiding in digestion. 

    Parasitic infestations can be hard on your pet’s health and can contribute to malnutrition and compromised immune health, use IMMUNO BOOST with D Wormer to help your pet bounce back to optimal health.


    • Determine pet’s weight

    • Select the correct dose from chart based on pet’s weight

    • Using the included plastic dropper, place dose on pet food and mix-in before serving to disguise taste.

    • Give dose twice a day


    EX. If pet weighs 30 lbs, they get 2.0 ml in the AM and 2.0 ml in the PM.

    Make sure to shake bottle before administering dosing. Sediment is natural for herbal products- it is just little bits of good stuff!

    Refrigerate after opening. Product is good for 6 months once opened.


    Helpful Hints:

    To maintain intestinal health and to create an unfavourable environment for parasites use D WORMER for 2 weeks:
    For indoor pets: Twice a year – Spring and Fall
    For outdoor pets: Four times a year – at the change of season.


    100 ml

    Ingredients & Benefits

    Wormwood aerial parts (Artemisia absinthium)
    This is a bitter tonic that is capable of expelling worms. It has long been used as an insect repellent and assists in the fight against ticks and fleas.

    Black Walnut Hull (Juglans Nigra)
    The hull of Black Walnut has been shown to have strong antifungal and vermifugal properties. It has been used to help treat a number of intestinal parasites including pinworms, ringworms and tapeworms.

    Black seed (Nigella sativa)
    Traditionally, this herb promotes digestion and fights parasitic infections and infestations.

    Sage leaf (Salvia officinalis)
    Traditionallly referred to as the “spring cleaner”, this herb helps to expel worms.

    Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare)
    This herb is used traditionally as a cleanser. It also works more specifically to expel worms.

    Papaya leaf (Carica papaya)
    This powerful digestive herb is useful in aiding the eradication of parasites from the body.


    Determine your pet’s weight. Select the correct dose from the chart based on this weight. Using the included plastic dropper, squirt appropriate dose directly onto your pet’s food. Use two times a day. Worms are usually visible in your pet’s feces. Start the treatment immediately and continue for one week after all signs of worms are gone. Animals often know instinctively when the treatment is complete and may refuse to eat treated food at this time. If treating kittens or pups for worms, treat the mother as well.
    Refrigerate after opening.

    Pet’s WeightDose
    0-25 lbs1 mL
    26-50 lbs2 mL
    51-75 lbs3 mL
    Over 76 lbs4 mL


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