• Ingredients & Benefits

    Dandelion root is a potassium sparing diuretic that does not over-stimulate the kidneys. This action helps to flush the kidneys and urinary tract. The leaf is an anti-inflammatory and astringent, helping to stop bleeding and inflammation in the urinary tract.

    Wild Carrot
    Wild carrot aerial parts work to break down urinary gravel that can come together to form stones or crystals in the bladder.

    Echinacea is antimicrobial, working to directly kill bacteria like an antibiotic. It is also a powerful immune modulator to prime the body to defend itself.

    Marshmallow is very soothing to soft tissues and helps to reduce bacteria levels.

    Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antipasmodic while helping to stimulate circulation of healing herbal compounds throughout the body.

    Couch Grass
    Couch grass is a gentle diuretic that is especially useful in instances of intense burning and can be used for easing the passing of kidney stones.

    Boswellia contains mucilage to soothe irritated tissue and supports immune health through modulation.

    Corn Silk
    Corn silk heaps to strengthen and tone urinary tract tissues. It is also a soothing diuretic, helpful for any irritation or inflammation of the urinary system.

    helps to remove uric acid buildup and promotes renal function.

    Directions for Use

    Determine your pet’s weight and select the correct dose from the chart below. Using the included plastic dropper, squirt appropriate dose directly onto your pet’s food. Use twice a day and continue use for two weeks after symptoms are gone.

    Pet’s WeightDose
    0-25 lbs0.5 mL
    26-50 lbs1 mL
    51-75 lbs2 mL
    Over 76 lbs3 mL


    • Not recommended during pregnancy or while nursing young.
    • Refrigerate after opening.

    UTI Symptoms

    These are some signs that your pet is suffering from a urinary tract infection:

    • Frequent urination in small amounts
    • Noticeable pain while urinating
    • Strong odor
    • Dark colored urine

    2 reviews for NaturPet Urinary Care for Infections & Kidney Stones

    1. Nature Pet Store

      My cat is completely healthy thank to your wonderful urinary care product!! He was so sick I thought I was going to lose him. I gave him your product twice a day . He wouldn’t even use the litter box! Now he is a happy fur child and so is his human mom. Thanks for such a wonderful safe natural product.

      Janie C.

    2. Maggie

      All I can say is AMAZING! 5 days and our cat is almost back to normal! I am so happy we didn’t have to traumatize him with a trip to the vet! He peed on our black bath mat and I noticed the breakdown of the crystals!

      • Nature Pet Store

        Thank you for the positive feedback! We appreciate it! NaturPet Inc. Team

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