Can Cats Lose Hair From Stress?

happy cat after treating hair loss

An increasing number of cat owners report their pets experiencing symptoms of hair loss, which, in the worst-case scenarios, can result in baldness. Hair loss, also known as alopecia, has its grounds in underlying health issues, such as parasites, bacterial or fungal infections, allergies, stress etc. The good news is that by changing your cat’s[…]

Is Your Dog Having a Panic Attack?

dog recovering on bed from panic attack

What is Considered a Panic Attack for a Dog? A panic attack in dogs is actually remarkably similar to a panic attack in people. In both dogs and humans, heart rate elevates substantially, breathing usually becomes harder and faster, shaking can often occur, and just like humans often bit their nails, dogs often will bite[…]

How to Protect Your Pet’s Joints From Arthritis

happy dog with young girl after having joints protected from arthritis

In humans, arthritis, which means ‘inflammation of the joint’, can be a very painful and even debilitating health problem. Over time arthritis can also damage the joints severely, which can lead to permanent and life-changing situations. Dogs, cats, horses and other pets can also suffer from arthritis and, for this reason, early detection and intervention[…]

Is Melatonin a Safe Drug for Dogs With Travel Anxiety?

dog sleeping from melatonin

The question is often brought up if melatonin is safe for dogs, to treat stress and travel anxiety? Let’s take a look at the drug and how it reacts so you can get a better understanding of how it affects your pup (and whether it’s really the best solution). What Is Melatonin? Melatonin is a[…]

Halloween Edition: Canine Bladder Support Supplements

canine bladder support supplements

Halloween is coming up! What’s spookier than a witch cackling, a wolf howling or a ghost… ghosting? There is one thing that comes to mind – coming home to find out that your dog has peed all over your brand-new white carpet. Fortunately, we offer canine bladder support supplements that can help your dog overcome[…]

My Dog Seems Depressed After Getting a New Dog, What Can I Do?

My Dog Seems Depressed | Nature Pet Store

Getting a new dog is an exciting time! However, if you already have a dog or two, helping them adjust to a new family member can be a challenge. Dogs can show signs of depression, jealousy, and other unusual behaviours. If you’re introducing a new dog or puppy to your other four-legged family members, we’re[…]