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My Dog’s Paw Is Swollen!—Preventing Common Dog Paw Injuries

While we need to protect our feet from the ground, dogs have their own built-in shoes: their paw pads. However, dog paws can get injured and get sore like our feet, but in many ways are more connected to their overall health. As such, their paws are the first place you should check if your[…]

Halloween Edition: Canine Bladder Support Supplements

Halloween is coming up! What’s spookier than a witch cackling, a wolf howling or a ghost… ghosting? There is one thing that comes to mind – coming home to find out that your dog has peed all over your brand-new white carpet. Fortunately, we offer canine bladder support supplements that can help your dog overcome[…]

Use Points for Cheap Pet Care Products: Introducing Our New Referral Program!

Looking for cheap pet care products? Get discounted pet products with our new rewards and referral program! This new program combines the benefits of our Ruff Rewards with a point system that’s certain to get you cheap pet care products online. Keep in mind that just because you’re getting a discount on our pet products,[…]

Only the best ingredients

At Nature Pet Store, we seek out product lines with only the best all natural ingredients. We know that our customers consider their pets to be part of the family. When shopping at Nature Pet Store, you can be sure that all of our products have high quality, human-grade ingredients. The products that we sell at Nature Pet Store must be good enough for us to be good enough for our pets.

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