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At Nature Pet Store, we seek out product lines with only the best all natural ingredients. We know that our customers consider their pets to be part of the family. When shopping at Nature Pet Store, you can be sure that all of our products have high quality, human-grade ingredients. The products that we sell at Nature Pet Store must be good enough for us to be good enough for our pets.


My Dog Seems Depressed After Getting a New Dog, What Can I Do?

Getting a new dog is an exciting time! However, if you already have a dog or two, helping them adjust to a new family member can be a challenge. Dogs can show signs of depression, jealousy, and other unusual behaviours. If you’re introducing a new dog or puppy to your other four-legged family members, we’re[…]

Why Is My Dog Licking His Paws so Much?

Is your dog constantly licking their paws? If so, it could be a sign that something is bothering your pup. There’s a range of conditions that may cause a dog to lick their paws, from emotional to physical. Your dog might be feeling sad, lonely or anxious. Or, their paws may be dry and cracked[…]

Dog Arthritis Natural Remedies

As dogs age, it’s natural for them to become less active. Their easy runs may become stiff walks, lying down may be accompanied by a deep groan, and they no longer greet you at the door with the same level of enthusiasm they once did. It’s hard to see a pet you likely consider a[…]

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